Monday, March 24, 2014

Shining Tides

I joined Shining Tides Quilt Guild.  Want to get some motivation and inspiration around my quilting. Very excited to be part of a quilt community 

First meeting I won the March Strip Club! Aquamarine and beige are the color pallets with the 'Key to my Heart' pattern. Made 1 block already

Now there is a Quilt Show in June that the Guild is sponsoring. Recommended that each person submits 2 quilts!!  My first time ever to have my quilts in a show!  Talk about motivation to get my UFOs done!

So I submitted 'Vermont Windows'

And 'Colonial Square'

I have to now finish them (get backing, quilt, and bind). WOW I am gonna be busy!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Pillows complete

Completed project!

Trying something different

Decided to try something different. Found this inspiration at an antique shop
These pillows were cool so off to Savers for a mans sweater!  Merino extra fine wool.  Found 2 candidates
Got one done
Hard to square up but sewing went good- ball point needle 100/16, zigzag stitch, 3.0 stitch width.