Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flea Market Finds are great!

Ahhhh, the best thing to do on a beautiful Sunday is go to a Flea Market. This one, at the Marshfield Fairground this past Sunday, offered so many different vendors. Yes, I did score on a number of things

First, a cute machine pieced, hand quilted quilt. The guy gave it to me for $10 if I bought it before his wife came back! All it needed was a wash - the hand quilting is really nice to look at.

Here is a great buy - for $10 I got this Vera Bradley bag - it was never used, clean and in perfect condition. Even if it is not a true Vera Bradley bag, it is still my bag (and I needed a winter bag)

A couple of beautiful pieces of fabric - the colors are fantastic. Not sure what I will be making with them.

Now, I have been into costume jewlery. I saw something on Martha Stewart where the old costume jewlery earings were repurposed into magnets - so cool. So I got to thinking how much, as a kid, I loved wearing my grandmothers jewlery. I thought she was so rich - she had so many sparkly items and I could wear the clip-on earings! So, I have been on the hunt to craft with (if I find mismatches) and to create a dress up box for a Christmas gift (I think Meaghan is a good candidate for it).

I love to find treasures...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beauty right in our backyard

OK, not really in our backyard but close - only 8 minutes away. We decided to go camping (since it was guaranteed nice weather) so we headed to Myles Standish State Park. Here are just some amazing pictures to share with everyone - enjoy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quilt for a great cause

Here it is - the quilt I made for the Relay for Life. I wanted to make sure that it went to a cancer survivor or one who is in the process of being a survivor. My pal, Lisa, pulled through and made the quilt part of a survivor raffle. Kathy Wickert was the winner and sent a very nice thank you card.

This was one of the hardest types of quilts I could have made (being only my 2nd one) but I am glad I did it. It came out better than I expected. I cannot wait for next year and what I will create for this great cause.

Ben is having a baby!

Well, more like Emelia is having a baby. We cannot wait for Kamryn to come and it will be soon - Oct

Erica and Thaissa coordinated the baby shower and it was at my house. It turned out great.

My brother looked so happy and Emelia looked fantastic.

The 'mommy' chair with the clothes line decoration - turned out really cute.

Here is the mommy

And here is the daddy (playing with Meaghan)

The cake was the cutest! The baby had a real pacifier in its mouth!!

Thaissa made the favors - vanilla fudge yummy

And the games - Name the baby food and Measure the mummy's tummy

Congratulations to Ben and Emelia with all the love and happiness a new family can have.

So close to goal!

Well, I am now 5 lbs. away from my goal of 155! This has been such a long road to get to this point. My goal is to hit my goal weight and become a WW lifetime member (so I don't have to pay anymore). I am deciding how my 'after' picture will look so I can show the difference. So, watch...