Monday, June 19, 2006

The end...

I just sent out the official email to all my wonderful customers that I will be deactivating as a Creative Memories Consultant. It was so hard to do - making this decision. Sometimes you feel as if you are a 'failure when you quit' something. I wanted so much for it to work but it was not the right time. I did learn alot about myself though - what I can and can not do, what I feel comfortable with and going outside of my comfort zone and I hope I have grown with this.

Do I feel a little sorry for myself? Yes, but I will get over it. It was more difficult to let my unit leader Debi know - I cried after I told her. She is great - understood why I had to do it. What a cool lady for sure!

I really appreciate women who go into the direct selling business - whether scrapbooking, food, toys, etc. - it is not easy for sure! In a way, I am glad it's over. No more pressure - I can relax and focus on what I enjoy doing.

What are your thoughts? Let me know.

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