Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Heat lightning and fireflies

Sometimes nature sure does amaze me.

I had to take my crazy dog Oscar out for his 9:00 p.m. duties (yes, it is every night at 9:00 - for some reason he has this time set in his internal clock to drive me crazy). While standing there waiting while he does his circles around to find the perfect spot, it happened...FLASH

The lightning in the sky was amazing! No sound, just beautiful light that illuminated the sky and the clouds. At night, when it is overcast, you just see black with no lines to differentiate the clouds. When the lightning went off, it was beautiful - you could see the outline of each cloud and colors of pink and purple. It was like enjoying fireworks without the noise.

I also saw the first firefly of the year. My yard is dark ao the fireflies are wonderful to see. So I had big fireworks and little fireworks.

Thanks Oscar - I would have missed out on this if you weren't so persistent...

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