Friday, September 19, 2008

Ben is having a baby!

Well, more like Emelia is having a baby. We cannot wait for Kamryn to come and it will be soon - Oct

Erica and Thaissa coordinated the baby shower and it was at my house. It turned out great.

My brother looked so happy and Emelia looked fantastic.

The 'mommy' chair with the clothes line decoration - turned out really cute.

Here is the mommy

And here is the daddy (playing with Meaghan)

The cake was the cutest! The baby had a real pacifier in its mouth!!

Thaissa made the favors - vanilla fudge yummy

And the games - Name the baby food and Measure the mummy's tummy

Congratulations to Ben and Emelia with all the love and happiness a new family can have.

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