Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flea Market Finds are great!

Ahhhh, the best thing to do on a beautiful Sunday is go to a Flea Market. This one, at the Marshfield Fairground this past Sunday, offered so many different vendors. Yes, I did score on a number of things

First, a cute machine pieced, hand quilted quilt. The guy gave it to me for $10 if I bought it before his wife came back! All it needed was a wash - the hand quilting is really nice to look at.

Here is a great buy - for $10 I got this Vera Bradley bag - it was never used, clean and in perfect condition. Even if it is not a true Vera Bradley bag, it is still my bag (and I needed a winter bag)

A couple of beautiful pieces of fabric - the colors are fantastic. Not sure what I will be making with them.

Now, I have been into costume jewlery. I saw something on Martha Stewart where the old costume jewlery earings were repurposed into magnets - so cool. So I got to thinking how much, as a kid, I loved wearing my grandmothers jewlery. I thought she was so rich - she had so many sparkly items and I could wear the clip-on earings! So, I have been on the hunt to craft with (if I find mismatches) and to create a dress up box for a Christmas gift (I think Meaghan is a good candidate for it).

I love to find treasures...

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